Plot for a horror story


Thanks to his talents, a clever one has brought it to everything and is highly esteemed and revered by many for it. For critics, on the other hand, he is suspicious. Those who admire him are necessary followers and annoying appendage at the same time, all others are expendable anyway.

Dissatisfied and driven, the clever one is looking for the great challenge for his brilliant intellect.

In a newspaper advertisement, he comes across the following message:

Narrow spirits wanted – compensation above ground – cipher 666.


You make an appointment and immediately conclude a contract.

The clever one provides Sixsixsix hundred thousand narrow spirits for the eternal firing of small fires in limited spaces. For this, the clever one gets the glory of Napoleon, Sixsixsix the prospect of the ignition of a hellish fire.

Before the clever one signs with blood, he wayward raises to a million narrow spirits and expects the glory of Alexander the Great.


In just a few years, the clever one has fulfilled his agreement. And a part of the world celebrates his mind like the tactical genius of Alexander the Great.


A second contract is needed.


The clever one offers ten million narrow spirits and demands the horse of Alexander the Great, Bucephalos, but in unicorn white colour, as well as his bow and winners laurel.
He immediately increases to a hundred million narrow spirits and additionally demands for himself a title of ruler, greater than anyone ever led, which would immortalise his legacy. Then he raises to a billion and additionally demands the submission of Sixsixsix to the dominion of himself.

The third passage is erased by Sixsixsix under horrible and horrified growl.


A few years later, the clever one has fulfilled his agreement.

– – –

Why did Sixsixsix know that he had to erase the third passage of the second contract?

Which supernatural title acknowledges Sixsixsix the clever one?

– – –

Of course, Sixsixsix has already studied the event in detail when the first contract was fulfilled. And when he realized how the unsurpassedly cultivated entertainment talent set off laughter, groaning, clapping, cheering, cheerfulness, ecstasy, arousal, and other exhilarating feelings in many narrow spirits, when he himself unscrupulously groped women, mocked the disabled, dishonored heroes, degraded the weak, twisted truths, lied and cheated, and many more iniquities, and thus seduced many narrow spirits into his allegiance, it became clear that Sixsixsix by no means the very last could risk.

And the title Sixsixsix has to assign to the clever on is: „Come!"

A creative, free-spirited examination of a Christian myth.

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