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My name is Bernard Glasa and on this site I celebrate the freedom of my mind.




Exciting and astonishing insights and insights from the world of creative narrative art await you.

It is often about coping with life crises and their effects on individuals, communities, cultures and world views. Life crises, the challenges of which can threaten the existence of an individual or a community.



No boring and dry topic!

Overcoming the greatest challenges is reflected in myths and legends, fairy tales, religions and seductive ideologies. Topics in which you dream, believe, think and act. Sometimes they awaken meekness. But they can also be extremely dangerous!




Be curious and brave!

Face the way of looking at great emotions and experience the exciting and dangerous events in you that invite you to contemplate and lead you to insights that will mature your thinking and understanding. Practice thinking skills and expand your ethical skills.


A special aspect to understand this is the “Knowledge of Feelings”. If I know about the existence of a special feeling, even if I have never met with it in full force (e.g. being in love, intimate friendship, motherly love, grief, missing, envy, hate etc.), I can approach this feeling in my mind by getting involved in the “Knowledge of this Feeling”.


It becomes spectacular when I create the “Knowledge of Feelings” as a species of living beings with properties and talents which lead to knowledge in my living imagination. This is the birth of a fantastic fairy tale.



A vivid example of this is the “Holy Spirit” from Christian mythology.

Its earliest origins are “wind” and “breath”. Later it changed to a “mental state” a “mood” and an “attitude” and finally to an “independent being”, that can spread and penetrate other people’s minds. To this day it is symbolized by the Christians as a “white dove” and personified as part of a Trinity Deity.



Reflections and interpretations lead you to sensational insights.

I'm interpreting some great stories for you. You’ll like it!




Did you know that fairy tales also remind you that there is a child in existence in you …

… that loves you,

… that trusts you,

… that plays and scuffles with you,

… that is there for you,

… that learns and researches with you,

… that means your salvation in need,

… that shares your hopes and desires?




And you can find stories in “Platt” to read, listen to and tell, as well as entertaining things.




At the moment it is still a little messy with this site. I’m working to sort things out more fascinating.

When I tell a story about horses and start neighing myself it doesn't prove that I'm a horse.

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