Knowledge of feelings

Bernd was nine years old when his twin’s death enveloped his heart with deep sadness. When Niekalt, the child of his imagination, came into his life many years later, they faced the riddles of their suffering and the dangers of their sadness together.


For today Bernd invited special guests to tell them everything about it. Six inquisitive children join cheekily. And Bernd tells them all up close about the turbulent events, friendships, fears, dangers, riddles and challenges, sensitive beings with subtle qualities and talents and strange-rare marvelous things. – And of the fateful coping of the most dangerous of all mysteries through the courageous devotion of a child named Niekalt.






Consideration in the humanities


The author unscrambles the metaphor of the mourning child who reads his own story in a book* by questioning them (* from: Michael Ende, The Neverending Story).


What is Bastian actually doing, what is like reading a book in which he reads his own story?

Answer: He takes note of the knowledge of his feelings.


The author projects the knowledge he has gained from his own intellectual and spiritual world of experience onto characters and plot lines of his literary creation.


Bernd identifies “knowledge of feelings” as a kind of living species that – endowed with properties and talents leading to knowledge – provide subtle hints and allusions to find ways out of essential life crises.


The author creates a fairy tale world from the facts of his own intellectual and spiritual identity which is reflected out of his experienced reality. An important approach in narrative art.


The resulting fairy tale is therefore the result of a contemplation of perception, thinking and cognition.

Have fun and exciting entertainment while reading and puzzling!

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